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Jammin’ in the strangest places…

Tuesday, February 5, 2008   Issue #7

A little self-inflicted humor… 

It is advised if you are a web author to set up “Google Alerts” for your site name to see how and if Google is finding your site.  You’re looking for others who might be using your title, how the site ranks, etc.  I checked my Alerts yesterday for “JAM with Mike” and here is what came up:

  • MySpace TV: Pearl Jam With Mike Tyler @ Hershey Stadium 7/12/03
  • A political blog: Joe Scarborough Sheds “Journalist” Role To Jam With Mike Huckabee At Political Rally
  • YouTube skateboard video: Pole jam with Mike Lind…
  • Pahrump Valley Times entertainment listing: One Man Band/Open Jam with Mike Hickey

I thought JAM with Mike was “a bit of positive nourishment to start your day.”  I didn’t realize I was rockin’ with Pearl Jam & Mike Huckabee, skateboarding, and entertaining at a bar in Pahrump… 

Who knew?


February 20, 2008 - Posted by | Humor, JAM with Mike

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