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give, give, give, give, give

Tuesday March 4, 2009 #100

“I live by five little words:  give, give, give, give, give”  

~David K Aaker

David, my good friend and mentor, taught me this quote 15 years ago and it has resonated with me ever since.  David has lived and continues to live a life of service and his example lends credence to the idea that we get the most when we help others the most.  In that spirit, I chose this quote for today’s JAM – the 100th opportunity to give something to you, my JAMmin readers.

Thank you for being a loyal reader, many of you since the first JAM on January 15th of last year.  I commit to you that you can count on receiving the next 100 JAMs as I give, give, give, give, give.

(David K Aaker is a nationally known speaker in the US, focusing on customer service, leadership, and business ethics.  Check out his site at www.davidkaaker.com.)


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