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Choose who you associate with wisely

Thursday January 26, 2012 #389

 “Know what you look like? Look around, your closest associates will be your reflection.”

~Louis Martin Jr

This is an area that most under appreciate:  Choosing your associates with intention.  Most allow their associations, both personal and professional, to just happen.  Without intention, we can find ourselves surrounded by people who drain us rather than enrich us.  This doesn’t mean shunning someone who is not immediately and obviously beneficial.  But certainly you must pay close attention to those around you and determine over time if they are to be part of your intentional circle.  Finally, you must have the courage and confidence to remove toxic associations from your life.

Reflect today on those you spend most of your time with personally, and professionally.  Your choice with whom to associate clearly reflects on what you look like to others and to yourself.  Choose with intention, choose wisely.


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Acting brave to be brave

Tuesday January 24, 2012 #388

“The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.”

~Corra May Harris

If you are like me, I suspect you find yourself overwhelmed at times, perhaps fearful and anxious.  When in this state, I become unproductive and ineffective in my work and personal roles.  The causes are many – for me it can occur when I over commit, taking on more than is realistic.  For others it can come from a poor self image, health issues, abusive relationships, and more.  I am fortunate that I suffer from none of these but many do.  What works for me and many others I have known and studied is to act as though I am not overwhelmed.  By doing so, I enable myself the space to breathe, reflect, and take positive action.  In this space, I can determine a path forward and more often than not, regain my balance and productive energy.

Whatever the cause of your own similar moments, I suggest you try this technique.  By acting brave, you often find the courage to be brave.

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True success

Thursday January 19, 2012 #387

“Failure is success, if we learn from it.”

~Malcolm Forbes

To hasten your development, you must experience and learn from failures.  The saddest example though of wasted energy is the man who fails to learn from these failures.  Failure is not success when we do not learn from it.  So be aggressive; take risks; reach for greatness.  When you do, realize that you will often miss the mark.  And that is wonderful if when you fail, you reflect, learn from your failure, redirect your efforts and try again, moving ever closer to your goal.  That is success.

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Complimentary comments

Tuesday January 17, 2012 #386

“We should be as quick to compliment as we are to criticize.”

~Michael Ejnik

Yes, it is a normal part of being human to see the negative before the positive, but we must fight this tendency at all times to be effective and to enjoy life.  Pause regularly and reflect on your current perceptions:  Choose to see the positive and express it with a comment or a compliment.  It will make your day as much as it does the one you compliment.

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Using what you have

Thursday January 12, 2012 #385

“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.”

~Josh Billings

It is extremely rare to find a successful person who got there only by talent or by inheritance.  Even when that is the case, if those are their only assets their success is usually fleeting.  No, the overwhelming majority of those with sustained success are there due to using what they do have exceptionally well.  Persistence, focus and passionate intensity will deliver success to those with no inheritance or merely rudimentary talents.  Imagine what it can do for you if you are fortunate to be born with great talent or wealth!

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The path to mastery

Tuesday January 10, 2012 #384

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.”


Whether it is art, sport, business leadership, financial success, or, more importantly, being a good friend, colleague, parent or partner, the path is never easy.  Those we admire who operate at exceptional levels at any of these pursuits got there through intensity, focus, drive, perseverance and passion.  Talent helps – a lot – but won’t get you there unless you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve mastery.  Are you willing to do what it takes to be exceptional?

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