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Your journey to achievement

Thursday January 24, 2013 #492


“Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” 


~Bikram Choudhury


Now is the best time to remind yourself of your unquenchable ability to decide in any given moment to begin anew.  If you are currently successful, reflect on this deeply so you are prepared when the inevitable down times come.  If you are currently struggling (and I think we are all struggling with something), I urge you to relinquish your fears, anxieties and feelings of helplessness – and instead, decide right now to start with one small action on your journey to achievement.


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The futility of trying to change others

Tuesday January 22, 2013 #491


“Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”


~Ben Franklin


Unless you are raising a young child, your chances of fundamentally changing the core behaviors and beliefs of any individual are remote to none.  And even then, it is extremely difficult – ask any parent!  So why do we spend so much time trying to change a spouse, a business partner, an employee, or a friend?  It likely lies in our desire to be understood and to control our environment.

The reality is you have little control over anything or anyone other than yourself.  Further, the best way to be understood is to first seek to understand and accept the people you’ve chosen to have in your life (yes it is your choice!).  Focus on what needs to change in yourself and let the world take care of itself.  You and the people around you will be better for it.

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Your choice to be hopeful or hopeless

Thursday January 17, 2013 #490


“If you have hope in the future you will have power in the present!”


~Chris Voss


Hope is such a powerful asset.  With hope, we find the stamina to persevere through the challenges life naturally presents us.  Without hope we can become lost, depressed, frozen.  If you are feeling hopeless, the good news is that hope is just a thought away.  It is your choice to be hopeful or hopeless.  Each breath provides the proof that hope is possible. 

If you need to find motivation to be hopeful today, surround yourself with hopeful words, ideas, and people.  Hang out with a positive person, read inspirational writings, exercise, sing a hopeful song.  Take a hopeful action and teach your mind, body, and soul to be hopeful.

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Focus on what you love

Tuesday January 15, 2013 #489


“If I had three pieces of advice to give anyone, it’s to find what you love, don’t be afraid to swim upstream, and develop a sickeningly hard work ethic.”


~Evan Sanders


It really is as simple, and as hard, as Evan’s advice.  Finding what you love (instead of what others think you should love), and overcoming the fear to overcome obstacles, takes focus and courage.  Laziness will not serve you in this endeavor.  You must develop intensity and drive to sustain you in your quest.  You can do it – but it must be your choice.  Make that choice today.


Today’s quote is from Evan Sanders, an increasingly relevant voice as he seeks to become a better man via his “The Better Man Project”.  Check it out here:  http://thebettermanprojects.com/

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Expanding your capacities

Thursday January 10, 2013 #488


“Only if you reach the boundary will the boundary recede before you. And if you don’t, if you confine your efforts, the boundary will shrink to accommodate itself to your efforts. And you can only expand your capacities by working to the very limit.”


~Hugh Nibley


We truly do create our reality and its boundaries.  Our fears constrain it, our hopes enlarge it.  The game of life is to seek to enlarge our self-imposed boundaries.  The magic is that as we push against the boundaries, the boundaries grow and recede with our intentions.  My intention is to stretch my boundaries daily.  The only way that can happen is if I push those boundaries by my own actions – never waiting on others to push for me.  Some days I am successful and some days I am not.  But each day is a new opportunity to push.  And push I will!!! 


What boundaries are you pushing today?

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Superior to Circumstances

Tuesday January 8, 2013 #487


“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances.”


~Bruce Barton


There will usually, if not always, be obstacles between you and your dreams and desires.  The decision to give in to these obstacles or to take the actions necessary to defeat them is up to you.  You truly are superior to your circumstances but the belief has to start with you.   Will you dare to believe?

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Congratulations on being a doer!

Thursday January 3, 2013 #486


“A non-doer is very often a critic – that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It’s easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change.”


~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


This is your year, your month, your day, and your moment!  You are the doers, the people who make things happen for yourselves and for the people and organizations around you.  “Who, me?” you ask?  Yes, you!  Ignore those critics as they scrutinize your every move.  For they wish they had the courage to act as you do; to boldly step forward and take action in this moment to make a difference. 


Congratulations on being a doer!  Watch out world (and those critics), here you come!

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Choosing to grow beyond fear in 2013

Tuesday January 1, 2013 #485


“Growth must be chosen again & again; fear must be overcome again & again.”


~Abraham H. Maslow


First, a warm wish for you and your families for a wonderful 2013 with prosperity, happiness, and health.  As a regular reader, you will know that I believe this wonderful year will not happen by accident or without effort.  Rather, you will choose to take action each day (most days, at least!) to move you ever onwards to your next exciting achievements, new or deepening relationships, and emotional and physical health. 


This isn’t just a subject for each New Year.  It is the foundation for the choices we make each and every moment.  Indeed, growth must be chosen again & again.  And the only way to grow is to move beyond fear – again and again.

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