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Notice the Magic

Thursday June 23, 2016 #810

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

 ~Eden Phillpotts


As we spend more and more of our time with our eyes attached to our iPhones and other mobile gadgets, we are missing the opportunity to experience the myriad magical moments that exist beyond that screen.  From the simplest wonders such as a child’s smile or a beautiful sunset, to more awe-inspiring moments such as a brilliant live musical performance or athletic achievement, the world around you is full of magic waiting to be discovered – if only we keep our senses open.  So lift your eyes from your phone or tablet, get out of your chair and seek a little magic – it is there waiting for you!


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Thursday June 16 & 21, 2016 #809C (June 21 corrected the June 16th post which had #808 verbiage)

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” 

 ~Niels Bohr


If you have a passion for a particular activity or profession, you must be willing to make many, many mistakes in order to reach a level of expertise.  You don’t get there by reading or taking classes.  You get there by experience and lots of failures and errors.  It is only through learning from our mistakes that we become, over time, an expert in our chosen craft.

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Taking Risks

Tuesday June 14, 2016 #808

“The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.”

 ~Alfred Adler


Just as you cannot make money from the stock market without investing, you cannot make the most of your life without taking risks.  Too many people live a life of careful risk-avoidance and thus miss out on amazing experiences, relationships and personal growth.  Yes, taking risks can lead to unwanted consequences.  But unless you are truly careless, you have enough strength and intelligence to course correct when necessary and avoid most of any potential negative outcomes.  A few scratches are worth it to be able to have a fulfilling and joyful life.

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Learning From Sweetness

Thursday June 2, 2016 #807

“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”

 ~Chuck Palahniuk


It is incredibly important to intentionally reflect on our best moments, from great victories, to simple sweet joyful experiences.  But it is more typically human to retain memory of pain and sadness. It takes great effort to remember the good things.  Be intentional.  Take time frequently to reflect with gratitude on the thousands of wonderful moments in our lives.  This practice has been proven to stimulate joy and feelings of happiness and contentment, as well as to help us find and experience even more joy for ourselves and inspire it in others.

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Tuesday May 31, 2016 #806

“Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.”

 ~Neil Gaiman


I enjoy reading stories of men and women who have persevered and found a path to victory and achievement, despite obstacles that would likely stop most of us.  I’m sure you enjoy these too.  But many of you may assume that the victors have some special ability, and an amazing bravery that you wish you possessed.  The reality is that they were just as scared and unsure as you or I would be if we were in their circumstance.  The key is that despite their fears, they pushed through and found a solution or an untapped area of strength that allowed them to do the right thing in that moment.  Often, that courage also comes from a capability derived from practice and/or knowledge.  While we can never be fully prepared for all circumstances, a lifetime spent learning, practicing and experiencing new things gives us a toolbox of capabilities to call upon when needed.  Never stop learning.  Never stop experiencing life.  When the time for bravery comes, you will be more likely to be ready despite your fears.

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Embrace the Chaos

Thursday May 26, 2016 #805

“Normal is an illusion.  What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

 ~Morticia Adams


Many of you are striving for a “normal” life.  There is never a truly normal existence, as life is always changing, always bringing to us challenges and opportunities.  Overly focusing on trying to remove “abnormality” will only blind you to the kaleidoscope of human possibility – removing your chance to experience the exceptional, and to see dangers you might not be prepared for.  Embrace the chaos that is this life and you will truly begin to live.

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Experiencing Life

Thursday May 12, 2016 #804

“Humans have two purposes. The first is to exist. The second is to deeply feel everything existence has to offer.”

 ~Nicholas Browne


You exist.  An amazing miracle and gift.  Don’t waste your existence by living a narrow life with few experiences, relationships, or adventures.  Take a moment today to reflect with gratitude on the many incredible things you’ve experienced thus far in your life.  And, reflect on any barriers you have placed on your ability to experience more.  Things like too much time with your face buried in your mobile device playing games, reading emails, posting on social media, indulging in entertaining but mindless or even negative writings or videos.  Open up all your senses and make room for art, music, adventures, outdoor activities, exercise, and, most of all, love and passion.  Devour every delicious part of this miraculous life!

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Tuesday May 10, 2016 #803

“Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.”

 ~Johnny Depp


“S*#t happens”…  Yes, bad moments, bad hours, bad days, even a string of bad days happen.  These do not, and cannot, define you or your life.  Despite the way you may feel in these moments, reflect on all the good moments, hours, and days you have had and realize you are headed for more joy if you allow the hope for it to be real, and take action to make it come.  This is life.  And it is NOT a bad life – unless you decide it is.  Choose to have courage in your power to push through to your next good day.

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