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Making Ideas Happen

Tuesday November 25, 2014 #681

“An idea is something you DO. Not something you have.”

~Hugh MacLeod


Generating new ideas is an energizing exercise whether by yourself or with a team committed to make improvements.  However, too often these ideas remain just that – ideas.  Until someone has the courage and capacity to bring an idea to life, nothing happens.  Don’t let a good idea die, whether it is yours or your team’s.  Be the one who takes action to breathe life into an idea that would otherwise remain dormant.  It could make all the difference.


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The Power of Imagination

Tuesday September 2, 2014 #658

“An idea is salvation by imagination.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright


In every day we are challenged on our progress toward our personal, professional, and spiritual goals.  What gets us through these challenges are ideas – our own, and those inspired or offered by others.  Our real task is to keep our minds and hearts open to our own ability to ideate and to the ideas of others, so at the moment of challenge we have vast resources to call upon for just the idea we need in that moment.  Are you open to your own genius and the genius of others?  Open up!

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Great Ideas

Tuesday July 15, 2014 #644

“Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.” ~John C. Maxwell


How many times have you had a “great” idea and promised yourself you would get to it when you have a little more time, a little more money, a little more _______________ (fill in the blank)?  You have realized by now that you rarely get to do something about all those great ideas.  It is time to use a different approach.  Next time you get a great idea – or even a decent one! – do something to activate it NOW!  Make a call, write a short business plan, engage a co-worker, but do something!  Ideas don’t wait – they expire from lack of activation.  Don’t let your ideas die!

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Making Great Ideas Happen

Tuesday July 1, 2014 #640

“Great ideas need landing gear, as well as wings.” ~C. O. Jackson


In any team there are idea generators and there are executers.  Both talents are necessary for great ideas to become actionable and their potential to be realized. It is rare (and wonderful!) to find an individual who possesses great skills in ideation and execution – and if you find them, keep them!  Most people however, will be more skilled in one or the other.  Executers may get frustrated in brainstorming sessions, and ideators can feel trapped by the rules of effective execution.  Your job as leader is to understand your team’s individual skills and leverage them.  Use your idea generators when brainstorming is needed, decide on an idea to take forward, and give it to the executers to make it happen.

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Enthusiasm & Perseverance

Tuesday April 22, 2014 #620

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.”


 There are two modes of thought that must be employed intentionally and at the right moment to achieve success and worthy goals:  enthusiasm and perseverance.  To make a good decision and/or determine what you want to achieve, you need ideas – lots of them.  Ideas come from brainstorming, reading, observing, and asking questions.  You must approach these activities with enthusiasm in order to generate the ideas you need to decide on what you want to achieve and a viable course of action to get you there.  Without enthusiasm, you will likely miss out on generating the ideas you need.

Now it is time to do the hard, serious work necessary to achieve you goals.  Enthusiasm will help, but it alone will not get you there.  The tool you need now is perseverance.  Perseverance gives you the strength to push through fear and the inevitable failures and obstacles you will find between you and any worthy goal.

Enthusiasm + Perseverance = likely success.

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Tuesday April 8, 2014 #616

 “The nature of creativity is to make space for things to happen… We can drive it out with our busyness and plans.”

 ~Iain McGilchrist


 If you are like most, you allow the busyness of life to remove almost all moments of quiet reflection, time to think, develop new ideas, dream of possibilities, and to create. Everyone possesses the power of creativity and innovation. But few give themselves the time or even the permission to do so. Don’t deprive yourself or the world your potential and abilities. Allow yourself a bit of time to free the creativity within you.

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Feel what it is like to create

Thursday July 18, 2013 #542


“The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”


~Edwin H. Land



Fear of failure is the killer of creativity and innovation.  However, simply saying “don’t be afraid” will not give us the courage to create.  Courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is the ability to act despite our fears.  The reality, and you know this intellectually, is that the cost of failure is usually not catastrophic.  What to do?  Keeping in mind something significant you’d like to work on, start small and create something, anything.  Try a new recipe, write a poem, comment on a blog with your own original take on the subject.  Feel what it is like to create. 


Use that experience to gain the courage to start working on creating something important where failure is possible.   The world needs your ideas!

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