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This Too Shall Pass

Thursday August 3, 2017 #905

“When you feel happy, really happy, it somehow seems that you’ve always been happy and that you’ll always be happy. The same is often true when you feel sad, or lonely, or depressed, or broke, or sick, or scared. Something, perhaps, to remember.”

~Mike Dooley


Emotions and circumstances are powerful things.  When enveloped in a strong emotion, be it happiness, sadness, joy, anger or loneliness, it can be difficult to remember that no emotion lasts forever, which of course they don’t.  If we can remember this, we can ensure we enjoy the intensity of positive emotions, and also ensure we don’t get overly lost in the power of negative emotions, knowing they too will pass. The same goes for circumstances, and of course emotions are linked often to the circumstances we find ourselves in.

When in positive circumstances and emotions, reflect on these while realizing the circumstances will change and feel gratitude for the opportunity to feel this way.  And when in negative circumstances and emotions, find comfort in knowing that these too shall pass and usually by your own courage and actions.


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Tuesday April 25, 2017 #882

“The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things.”

~Mike Dooley


The instant access to examples of “perfection” on the intranet are both a benefit and a curse as we try to become the best at whatever we are trying:  sports, music, leadership, investing, personal fitness and attractiveness, etc.  While these examples are great to give us ideas on how to pursue exemplary performance ourselves, this unfortunately often serves as a reminder of just how far we are from our dreams of perfection.  Often this creates discouragement and leads to giving up.  Don’t give up!

The key is to have perspective.  None of these “perfect” examples started that way. They began as amateurs, just like you and me.  And only through hard work, drive and persistence did they reach the level of success they now enjoy.  Don’t get discouraged by the gap between what you see and your own level of performance.  Instead, use their personal stories of rising from amateur to exceptional performance to light your own path to your potential.  And, START!

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Act or do not act – the choice is yours

Tuesday January 11, 2011 #283

 “Act! The difference it will make in your life is more than can be comprehended. But, of course, this is also true of inaction.”

~Mike Dooley

You will do one of two powerful things today regarding achieving your closest held goals and desires:  Act or do not act.  Either is completely in your power.  Don’t sit there wishing for something better in your personal or professional life.  Do one small thing – act.

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Genius & Wisdom

Tuesday September 22, 2009 #157

An unmistakable trait of every true genius is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to know. And an unmistakable trait of every true sage is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to love.”

~Mike Dooley

Genius and wisdom.  Two attributes of those we admire and hopefully what we each aspire to.  Genius comes not from IQ but from an insatiable thirst of knowledge.  Never stop learning – read voraciously, meet new people (it has never been easier than today with LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), take a class, attend a seminar.  AND…  All that genius is worthless unless accompanied by the wisdom of knowing the power of love in all areas of life.  When we truly love we seek always to give our genius away.  Who will you show your love to today?

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The best way to start something

Tuesday June 16, 2009 #129

“Starting something is the best way to finish something.  And just doing a teeny, tiny something, today, anything, from wherever you are, is the best way to start something.” 

~Mike Dooley

As you read this, I know you are thinking about the difficult task ahead of you and wondering how you will possibly get it done.  No worries.  Just begin with the smallest element of the task.  Do it.  Now.  Feel the feeling of mini-accomplishment.  Now keep the action going.  You’ll be done before you know it.

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Moving ahead through persistence

Thursday May 7, 2009 #118

“The few who look forward, while always knocking on new doors, no matter how futile it may seem or how insignificant their progress, will carry the many who just keep waiting for things to get better.”  

~Mike Dooley

Sometimes it feels that despite all our efforts that we just aren’t moving forward.  We get to the place where we are exhausted and feeling defeated.  If you are there or even close to being there, I exhort you to take a few deep breaths, perhaps a day off, and then come back for more.  The only way forward is through persistence and continuous effort – no matter how small.  And know that you will be miles ahead of the masses who are standing still waiting to be carried forward.

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Get serious about change

Thursday December 18, 2008 #84

“A goal or a dream that doesn’t challenge the dreamer to become more than they’ve ever been, to go where they’ve never gone, or to feel things they’ve never felt, is actually like wishing for a giant “life snooze button.” Wanting abundance without an exchange of services, or love without loving, is a little bit like wanting an aquarium without fish, a leash without a dog, a frame without a picture…”

 ~Mike Dooley

Last JAM, we looked at the four basic tests for change: 

1. What do you want to change?
2. What do you want to outgrow?
3. What do you want to avoid?
4. What do you want to enhance?

Time to get serious.  Open a document on your computer and type the four questions, leaving space between.  Now, without overanalyzing, start typing in as many ideas you can think of under “What do you want to change?”  Then move on and do the same for all four questions.  There are no rules – be bold, be crazy, just keep typing until you exhaust your ideas.

Print out the document and put it in your briefcase or handbag and take it home with you.  This weekend, pour yourself a glass of wine pull out the document and highlight the items that grab you attention.  Make sure you have highlighted at least one item under each of the first three and at least two items under the last one.

We’ll talk about your choices next week.  Have a great weekend!!

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Be the Star you are

Thursday August 21, 2008 #61

“Here are 3 sure-fire steps that will take you from wishing upon a star to being one:  Imagine your dreams as if they already exist.  Speak as if they already exist.  And act as if they already exist.”

 ~Mike Dooley

More and more evidence points to the ability we all have to make significant positive change in our lives through intentional thoughts and actions. The key is the “action” part.  The over-hyped book & video “The Secret” teaches that if we just imagine hard enough we will get everything we want.  So why doesn’t it work for everyone?  Because the hard part is actually taking the actions that precede results.  You can imagine all you want, but if you fail to take daily actions you can’t be surprised when nothing happens.

So imagine and imagine well.  Speak and speak well.  But act, and act well to truly achieve that which you imagine.

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Lack of Persistence

Tuesday February 26, 2008 #13  

“You’re alive.  Do something.  The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated.  It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences.  It sounded like this:  Look.  Listen.  Choose.  Act.”  ~ Barbara Hall 

Let’s continue to discover how to overcome that which blocks us from making progress on our goals.

Block #3:  Lack of persistence.

Even when we have constructed clear goals that are in alignment with our values and we create time for them by cutting back on activities that do not contribute to our success, we still fail.  Why?

There are always elements around us conspiring to hold us back:  self-doubts, interruptions, “other people’s priorities”, and more.  The only way to keep moving forward is to adopt persistence as a core competency.  Like any other skill, the way to develop persistence is through practice.

You know you need to move forward today on your goals but something is trying to block your progress.  Practice your persistence.  Look. Listen. Choose. Act.  Push through.  The first time is monumental, but each subsequent act of persistence becomes easier and easier.

 “Persistent thought is your ticket. Persistent gratitude makes it easy. And persistent action, tells one and all, “There ain’t no way, honey, I’m settling for less.”  ~ Mike Dooley

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