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Unique Talents

Tuesday March 31, 2015 #712

“Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.”

~Albert Einstein


Each of us has innate skills and talents, as well as activities and interests we are most passionate about.  If we are fortunate, we are able to bring those skills and talents to work and activities that bring us joy.  If not, we may find ourselves trudging through a life in which our talents are not utilized, and our passions are not realized.  Too often, we expect people to be something they aren’t.  Or others expect this of us.  It is important for you to understand your unique strengths and utilize them in a way that brings you satisfaction.  If you are in a position of leadership, it is important to recognize the talents of each of the people in your team, understand what they are passionate about, and strive to match these to tasks and roles that maximize their contributions and engagement.  Don’t stay in roles that require you to be something you are not or do not make use of your unique talents, and do not ask this of others.


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Your Life

Tuesday March 10, 2015 #706

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

~Joseph Campbell


Not always, but often, our true path lies in a direction we had never envisioned.  The moment of recognition may come as a shock as you realize that your purpose, and your path to real joy and ultimately success, requires letting go of what you and others expected of yourself.  It’s the career person who realizes they must become an entrepreneur.  It is the financier who recognizes their true passion is in charitable works.  Or a million other less dramatic choices.  What is your true purpose, your true passion? Is your current life fulfilling your potential?  Alignment to your gifts and passions will create true joy and contentment.

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Passion vs. Desire

Tuesday August 26, 2014 #656

“The heart of human excellence often starts to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

~Terry Orlick


JAMmer JK asks, “About your post below….(JAM #651 Finding Your Purpose) the overall point is spot on.  Just wondering, how do you define ‘passion’ and what makes it different from ‘desire’.”

Good question on passion vs. desire.  First, I think both are linked to the first element:  purpose.  Passion is related to but greater than simple excitement because it is attached to a real and meaningful purpose.  As the passion builds a real desire grows within us and gives us the courage and strength to take the actions necessary to keep our passion alive and achieve our purpose.  I hope you have identified your purpose!

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Finding Your Purpose

Thursday August 7, 2014 #651

“There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” ~Napoleon Hill


Without purpose, there is no passion.  Without passion, there is no desire.  Without desire, there is no action.  Without action, nothing can happen.  Find your purpose and start your journey to success.

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True Belief

Thursday June 26, 2014 #639

“We think we believe what we know, but we only truly believe what we feel.” ~Laurence Gonzales


Logic and factual knowledge are great sources of strength you can and must use to bring context and understanding to ambiguous situations and problems.  However, the only thing that truly keeps us moving with commitment, drive and passion is our belief in ourselves, in others, and in our vision of the future.  And that belief is not due to logic or factual knowledge.  It is due to how we feel.

As leaders, we must provide our teams with a compelling vision of the future that they can believe in.  That vision must be grounded in fact, but even the seeming impossible can be achieved when people believe in their ability to do something great.

Determine your vision for your team’s success, articulate it with passion repeatedly, support efforts to make progress, and watch the magic happen.  And be sure to pay attention to how you and your team are feeling along the way.

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Your undiscovered greatness

Tuesday September 17, 2013 #559


“Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments, time and again, will come as a surprise to him.”


~Golo Mann

Dare to try


There is no way to know what you are capable of until you attempt what seems improbable.  Around us every day men and women are achieving successes, creating wealth, innovating, making lives better, and providing hope where there was none.  What are you capable of?  Find out.  Dare to follow your passions and put the best you to work doing something of meaning.  Surprise yourself with your undiscovered greatness.

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The passion for potential

Tuesday May 7, 2013 #521


“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of potential — for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible.”


~Soren Kierkegaard


It is a true gift to be able to see the possible in every person, and situation.  Too often we focus on limitations and obstacles rather than potential solutions and the possibilities of positive outcomes.  This is due to our very human fears and desire to avoid pain.  To battle this, we must focus intentionally on our ability to choose our thoughts and while recognizing our fears, push beyond them with courage – enabling us to see the potential and take action to move towards it.  With this ability, wealth and power will come naturally.  Like anything, this is a skill that grows with practice.  Start now.

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The truth about procrastination

Tuesday March 19, 2013 #507


At the heart of procrastination often lies confusion about what you really want.”


~Michael Bungay Stanier


Do you find that too many days end without feeling you have accomplished anything of worth?  Do you recognize the level of procrastination that may be infecting your day? 

It is time to reflect on what you are working towards.  What are your most important goals for your personal and professional lives?  Are those goals in alignment with your core values and beliefs?  If so, how are you spending your days?  In activities moving you closer to or further away from these goals?


If you recognize procrastination for what it is – your subconscious fighting against activities out of alignment with your passions, you can make the adjustments to realign and focus on what is most important to you.

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The power of an inspirational dream

Thursday December 6, 2012 #478


“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is a form of planning.”


~Gloria Steinem


Your role as leader of people, or even as the leader of your own life, is to provide a consistent vision of a desired future state.  A future with hope, passion, and possibility.  Often, belief in that vision requires a leap of imagination – a dream of what could be if only we learn, develop, and strive with perseverance.  Never forget the power of an inspirational dream.  Pragmatism is required for execution.  But the dream is necessary to fuel the inspired enthusiasm to get you through the various obstacles to come.

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Leveraging knowledge and enthusiasm

Tuesday November 27, 2012 #475


“Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.”


~Steve Droke


Learning from both experiences and formal education provide us with the knowledge necessary to earn the ability to wield power with character and conscious.  But without enthusiasm, the knowledge and the power lay dormant.  Make sure your efforts to gain knowledge are focused on the things that inspire you so your enthusiasm and passion enable you to put your power to work in the service of your highest held values.

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