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Inspiring Excellence

Tuesday August 19, 2014 #654

“We are going to relentlessly pursue perfection knowing full well it is unobtainable, because in that relentless pursuit of perfection, we will achieve excellence.” 

~Vince Lombardi


I have long admired and tried to emulate people who are positive, inspirational and always seem to drive toward seemingly unattainable goals.  It is this combination of positivity and relentless drive to achieve the unachievable that I find so attractive.  You just can’t help believing in the mission and wanting to be a part of achieving their inspirational goal – even if it appears crazy.  By creating this environment, they almost always achieve more than if their goal was “realistic”.

There is the flip side:  the negative or nasty person who also is trying to push for the impossible – but since their approach is mean-spirited, they become repulsive and only lead by fear or intimidation.  They may achieve a few wins, but in the long term they lose.

Choose to be the positive person who creates the environment to achieve great things together – even the “impossible”!


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Brilliant Ideas

Tuesday February 18, 2014 #603


“The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men.”  

~George Eliot



There are tens of thousands of brilliant ideas out there which, if launched, would make huge positive impact on individuals, families, organizations, and communities.  And yet only a handful of these will actually be moved forward today.  Why?  Too many believe that only ‘experts’ or those ‘in power’ have the ability to make a real difference.  Don’t believe this! 

Right now, you probably have incredible value to add, whether in a small or large way.  Don’t worry that you are not an expert, or lack power or other resources.  Rely on the power you do possess – the power of your idea, and your ability to drive your idea with persistence.  The world needs your ideas.  Please help us move forward.

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